Is your application compatible with the new eID?

Applet 1.8 is available now.

One eID, many areas of application

The banking sector, healthcare, event management, etc. Whenever there is a need to capture information about a customer, a patient, a member of an organisation, etc., the eID is the ideal way to do so. Since the Belgian eID was launched, almost 20 years ago, the number of applications that use it has grown steadily. Today it is still the best way to identify a person with the greatest possible certainty.

Since January 2021, all Belgian municipalities issue the eID with a new design. In the meantime, the chip has been upgraded as well and contains a new applet.

New design, new applet 

Web and mobile applications: a solution for each environment

Whether your application is web or native, whether you are looking for a software package to use on PC, Mac, or even on a tablet or smartphone, we have the tool you need:

- eaZyID  is an Identity Provider (IdP). It comes in the form of a small piece of web software that you simply integrate into your platform. It is used to validate the public data stored on the Belgian eID, capture the data for use by a third-party application, and strong authentication thanks to the use of a PIN code on that card. Based on OpenID Connect / OAUTH2, eaZyID is the most appropriate solution for web applications on Mac and PC or as a ready-to-use application on iOS or Android.

- Our software development kit (SDK) for the eID can easily be integrated with your native iOS or Android software and the most common platforms.

Zetes has been producing the eID for the Belgian authorities since 2003, and also handled the transition to the new version of the eID, including the new applet. We are therefore in an ideal position to ensure a perfect match between our tools and the Belgian electronic identity card.

Guarantees of optimum operation and support from the eID producer

Make sure your application will continue to support the new applet.

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