ZetesConfidens proudly joins the Cloud Signature Consortium

Unlocking the potential of remote digital signature: ZetesConfidens joins the Cloud Signature Consortium



Created in 2018, the Cloud Signtature Consortium (CSC) has the ambition to boost the adoption of remote digital signature. By becoming a Premium Member of this global group of industry, government, and academic organisations, ZetesConfidens wants to contribute establishing a common ground that will bring trust services to a wider market.


The potential of the eSignature technology is huge and the rise of remote digital signature, which allows to get rid of the physical carrier for the signing certificate, has brought this to the next level. In order to overcome a number of implementation hurdles, in 2014 the European Union’s adopted a legislative framework (eIDAS) in order to define the criteria an electronic signature needs to comply with in order to be recognised as legally valid everywhere in the EU. Despite this, the overall number of users for cloud based eSignature remains very low.


The main reason behind this shy market penetration is an important lack of interoperability. The Cloud Signature Consortium’s mission is therefore to drive standardisation of highly secure and compliant digital signatures in the cloud. Inspired by eIDAS, its common technical specification helps ease solution interoperability, streamlines compliance with e-signature regulations, and opens the market for uniform adoption of cloud-based digital signatures.


Geert Peeters, Head of Business Development at ZetesConfidens, explains: “We are very happy to participate to the Consortium. In a world where physical as well as digital transactions are globalised, it is essential to speak a common language. CSC’s work is playing an important role in helping to make remote digital signature accessible to organisations of all sizes around the world. Integrating this partnership can therefore only be beneficial also for our customers, whom we will assist in deploying the eSignature solution that responds to their specific needs.”

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