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3 reasons why your Timestamps should be Qualified in 2020


Business is more digital than ever. There is a good chance that you work in a sector that regularly conducts electronic transactions or sends sensitive digital documents. Whether you log into a secure business application, make electronic payments or sign digital employment contracts, it is your responsibility to protect that sensitive business information as best as possible.


Digital Timestamps or timestamps record the moment at which a digital transaction takes place. By placing a Timestamp, you add digital date and time information. In the case of a digital signature, for example, you can also trace any changes that were only added after the time of signing. That way, the integrity of the document can be protected. Only changes made before electronic signature have been validly accepted by the signer. In the meantime, the Timestamp has been established for a while. The Qualified variant is not yet available today: more than 95% of Belgian companies do not yet use Qualified Timestamps. However, there are plenty of reasons to choose that safer option:


1. Highest legal protection

The Qualified Timestamps issued by ZetesConfidens are as accurate as an atomic clock, namely accurate to 1 second. To guarantee this accuracy, Qualified Time Stamping Authorities (QTSA) are audited very thoroughly. The European regulations (eIDAS) stipulate that once a time is set via a Qualified Timestamp, this is irrefutable in court. This principle is also called non-repudiation: does the opposing party claim in court that a contract was signed at a different time than the Qualified Timestamp indicates? Then it is up to them to prove this. So you can sleep on both ears.


2. The best security requirements, the highest availability

Both the encryption of the Qualified Timestamps themselves and the ZetesConfidens servers that generate the Timestamps meet the highest security requirements. We use secure 256-bit Elliptic Curve keys for this. The ZetesConfidens Qualified Timestamp servers are fast, always available and can handle the largest amounts of traffic. That way you avoid slow response times, periods of unavailability and error messages.


3. Belgian quality. Best service.

ZetesConfidens is the only Belgian Qualified Time Stamping Authority (QTSA). This accreditation from the European Commission follows the eIDAS regulation and guarantees the highest legal validity and quality. As an IT service provider for various Belgian and international (government) bodies, all our servers are and remain on Belgian territory. Your data never leaves European territory, and remains safely protected by EU legislation. With the best service levels, we help ensure the integrity of your company.


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