Although eIDAS eliminates obstacles for companies wanting to develop cross border electronic businesses in the EU, the problem of managing signed or soon to-be signed documents remains. How should documents be shared with counterparts to ensure interoperability with the chosen QSCD and the different operating systems? In short, how should the actual signing process be managed? With eaZySign, everything becomes pretty straightforward.


⦁    Document upload/download over web services
⦁    OS-agnostic (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android) and hardware-agnostic (pc, tablet, phone)
⦁    Certified, ergonomic, well-defined yet customizable signature procedure with graphic signature proof
⦁    Shared liability for placed signatures (what you see is what you sign – WYSIWYS principle)
⦁    Documents are LTV (Long Term Valid) via the eaZyTime added Qualified TimeStamp

The main advantages for your business are:
⦁    Reduced operational / administration costs
⦁    Reduced paper/mailing costs
⦁    Speeds up processes
⦁    Short integration time
⦁    Peace of mind thanks to qualified signatures placed using a certified process from a solid, reliable partner
⦁    Pay-per-use (no cure, no pay), so no investment risk
As a business, it is also important to offer added value to your customers. They can benefit from:
⦁    The absence of administrative tasks: signed contracts are available online upon request.
⦁    Speeding up the transactional process (quicker access to the item the contract was signed for).
⦁    An ergonomically lean procedure, with clear proof of the actions undertaken.
⦁    Peace of mind thanks to qualified signatures placed using the certified process of an arbitrary third party, acting independently from the other contractor.

Online access

eaZySign is an online platform. This means it is easy to electronically upload, store, share and sign documents. Widely used and proven in combination with the Belgian eID for customers such as Partena, Santander, and Bank Van Breda the solution is suitable for use with any type of QSCD (e.g. signing card or server signing).

Offered as an online service, business users are relieved of the burden of complex software and hardware management. eaZySign is easily accessible with a simple internet connection and allows for a smooth and seamless integration in any web-application.


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