In the last decade, a growing number of countries have adopted an electronic identity card. This offers citizens the potential to interact online with both local authorities and a number of companies that have committed to using the eID for their own authentication and signing purposes. The advantage of the eID being that, as it is emitted directly by the government, you can rely on the most authentic source of personal data possible. With the eIDAS regulation, governments choosing to rely on a QTSP to emit the signing certificates extend the possibility for citizens and businesses to use their eID to interact online across borders, with authorities and businesses from other countries from the European Union.

The signing / sealing functionality of an eID has benefits for:


  • To sign their tax declaration online. Adding a timestamp to the signature brings proof that the tax declaration was submitted in time.
  • With eIDAS and the harmonization at European level:
    • Students can register with a foreign university online without the need to travel abroad for this sole purpose.
    • Citizens can arrange a move to another EU country or a marriage abroad, or file multiple tax returns.
    • Citizens needing medical assistance abroad are able to securely check or authorise a doctor to access their online medical records.


  • To have their representative seal the tax declaration of the company online. Adding a timestamp to the signature provides proof that the tax declaration was submitted in time.
  • With eIDAS and the harmonization at European level:
  • Completing cross-border electronic transactions (e.g, signing contracts, tenders or submitting annual reports online, with ease).
  • Fulfilling legal or procedural obligations, like signing, timestamping and sealing bids electronically instead of printing and sending multiple paper copies of bids by courier.

Managed PKI: using the skills of an expert

Using ZetesConfidens’ eaZyPKI solution for managed PKI services, governments have the security of relying on staff with the required skills to operate and manage a PKI infrastructure without having to install and maintain it themselves or needing to hire personnel that are often difficult to find.

Governments can rely on the skills of a trusted partner that is a specialist in the emission of authentication and signing certificates, but also has 15 years’ experience in the production and personalization of identity cards. The company is already the provider of several cards that are on the list of Qualified Signature Creation Devices.


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