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QTSP: Building trust in the digital world

Being active and dealing online isn’t without danger: identity theft and data breaches are often only a click away. Therefore, to be able to move freely around the internet, you need trust and security.

These two features are built into the core of ZetesConfidens’ DNA and business. We guide our customers through their electronic administration processes, whilst providing them with the assurance of who they are dealing with, legally binding documentation and a partner that’s a trusted expert.

With ZetesConfidens, you know your project is in the safest hands and you can achieve your online business goals risk free.


The e-signature process fully covered

We take care of each step in the e-signing process, from registration and vetting of the signatory, issuing of (Qualified) certificates, provisioning of certificates through (Qualified) Signature Creation Devices and the actual signature operation itself. Zetes hosts every step under one roof and guarantees a secure and standards compliant signature process.


Qualified Trust Services Provider at your service


eIDASZetesConfidens is a Qualified Trust Services Provider as defined by the European eIDAS regulation. The EU trust mark for qualified trust services differentiates qualified trust services as provided by Qualified Trust Service Providers. This approval guarantees that the trust service (e.g. electronic signature, seal, time-stamp, registered delivery service or website authentication) provided by a trust service provider displaying the trust mark on its website, is trusted and operates in line with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 (eIDAS Regulation).


An international player

Although eIDAS seeks cross border interoperability to enable interaction at EU level, each country has its own specifics , like language or national ID schemes. These variations can present a large challenge to overcome for national QTSPs when required to implement a solution for a company operating in several countries.
With its open approach and multinational coverage (more than 20 offices in 16 EU countries), Zetes is the perfect partner for companies seeking to bring harmonization one step closer.


A stable partner, guaranteed by financial strength

ZetesConfidens is an operational business unit within the People ID division of Zetes, which has been active in the goods and people identification markets for over 30 years. In 2017, Zetes was acquired by the Panasonic group, thereby integrating the structure of an international giant with extremely high innovation capabilities. As such, in a market dominated by new and local players, ZetesConfidens offers all the necessary guarantees for financial health and long-term stability - two features that are essential when offering trust services.

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