Strong authentication is paramount is today’s online world. Luckily, a number of recognized identity carriers allow you to make sure that you are dealing with the right person. eaZyID is there to help you to connect with them and extract the information you need.

Strong authentication in support of legal validity

An increasing number of transactions are being executed electronically: opening of a bank account via a web application, access to a platform dedicated to a professional category (e.g. general practitioners, lawyers, etc.), on-the-spot registration of data and signing of documents, etc. In order to ensure the legal validity of these transactions, they require a strong authentication of the signatory.


In order to do so, and according to the environment in which you operate, existing identity carriers can be used, be it under the form of smartcards or USB-tokens: national eID cards, company cards, cards issued by third parties, etc can all be valid identifiers, as long as they rely on correct personal data.

Zetes has brought eaZyID to the market to allow easy access to the information stored on these identity carriers, regardless of the platform or browser used. As an Identity Provider (IDP) service, eaZyID allows your web application to access and validate data stored on the end user’s card and perform a PKI-based strong authentication procedure, assuring the identity of the end user.

Operating in a multi-platform & multi-browser environment

eaZyID allows you to:

  • Identify a client or prospect
  • Capture the corresponding personal client or prospect information after user consent (address,..)
  • Verify whether the identity carrier is a valid one (not revoked, stolen,..)
  • Authenticate a client or prospect via the PIN code of his identity carrier
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  • Supported browsers
    • for Windows: Windows Internet Explorer (11+), Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox
    • for Mac OSX: Chrome and Safari
  • Mobile browser support via universal links & native components – available on Google Play or the App Store
  • Validation of the eID certificate and root certificate chain
  • Multi-language UI
  • eIDAS compliant

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