Where an electronic signature is being applied by a natural person, electronic seals are used by people representing an organization or entity. In some cases, the same person can, using the same Qualified Signature Creation Device, chose to sign either in his or her own name, or in the name of the organization. The processes and solutions are the same, with the exception of the registration level where, instead of identifying an individual only, it is necessary to establish that a person is entitled to act and sign documents on behalf of the organization or entity represented.

WYSIWYS principle & other features

The eaZySeal platform allows for fast and simple management of the signing procedure, even when the signees act as representatives:
⦁    Document upload/download over web services
⦁    OS-agnostic (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android) and hardware-agnostic (pc, tablet, phone)
⦁    Certified, ergonomic, well-defined but still customizable signing procedure with graphic signature proof
⦁    Shared liability for placed signatures (what you see is what you sign – WYSIWYS principle)

With the eIDAS regulation, benefits for companies using electronic seals range from online tax declaration to bidding on line for a request to tender (RTT) in another EU country. The secure authentication of the signer and the certainty that he is a legal representative of the company eliminates the time and travel costs that would otherwise be needed for traveling on site, to hand in the documents in person.
In addition, governments and public administration can benefit from using electronic seals. By doing so an administration responsible can distribute official approved documents (e.g. birth certificates, acts, fines) in an electronic and paperless way. The recipient of these documents can easily validate the authenticity and integrity of documents received.

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