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Car rental companies face the daily challenge of dealing with a whole lot of paperwork which needs to be completed e.g. insurance, the agreement of conditions in which the driver receives the car and of course, the rental contract itself. It would be much easier from an administrative point of view to be able to manage the whole process electronically, but a lack of certainty around the legality of the electronic signature often impedes the necessary digital transition.

Digital certificates and server signing

As car rental companies very often have customers originating from different countries, including outside of the European Union, relying on the certificates of national eIDs may only partly solve the problem. Using server signing on the other hand is a much more practical solution - the lease holders are registered on the spot and a digital certificate is created for them, specifically for the signature of the documents linked to their car rental. Once they are signed, the certificate expires and the car rental company has digital documents available that are legally valid and easy to manage, share and archive.

When renting a car, different steps are required: first you need to make yourself known at the reception desk and have to sign the contract and insurance papers and then, together with the employee of the car rental company, you need to check the condition of the car: e.g. are there any bumps or scratches? Is the fuel tank full? Eventually, you also need to sign that document, then receive the key and leave. This means that car rental companies need a flexible solution, with which they can use the digital signature both at the desk and on premises. eaZySign is the perfect solution for them. As an online platform, it can be used both with a desktop computer and a tablet. The latter can also be used, if required, to take pictures of the car as a proof of its condition. All documents are then gathered in one and the same file, linked to one and the same transaction. The online platform ensures they are easily accessible from any location.  For example, the agency to which the car is returned can be kilometers away from the agency where the rental transaction originally took place.

Signing in the shop & on premises

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