Financial services

Financial services, e.g. authorizing loans and mortgages to private individuals, is perhaps one of the industries where the need for building trust is most critical. You need to have 100% certainty about who you’re dealing with and, hence, a strong and reliable solution for digital signature.

Know you customer process finalized in a few minutes

Companies offering consumer loans often work hand in hand with shops selling high value consumer goods (e.g. furniture, electronics). Whenever a customer wishes to buy goods without the necessary funds, the sales representative in the shop can propose to sign a loan contract with the company they have dealings with. However the whole registration, verification, and signing process is long and tedious, with the customer needing to come back to the shop several times.

Using ZetesConfidens’ range of solutions, the customer can leave the shop with purchases in a few minutes. How? It’s simple. By acting as a Local Registration Authority Officer for the consumer loans company, the sales person can register the customer’s personal data, including information about existing credit lines with other institutions. Gathering this data satisfies the “Know your customer” requirements of financial institutions. Based on this information, the company can accept or refuse the customer’s request for a loan and issue a certificate for server signing dedicated to the signature of that very precise contract. The contract is signed via a secured platform, which means they are able to directly get it back and archive it. Once the contract is signed, the certificate expires and can no longer be used.

This approach is beneficial for:

  • Loaning company:
    • They can access registration data directly online
    • It accelerates the decision process to grant a loan
    • Using a QES, they have a contractual agreement that holds the highest level of assurance in terms of legality
    • The process is time efficient, as the agreement is accessible by both parties through the online platform
    • They can put in place a fully paperless flow, thus contributing to the dematerialization of business processes
  • Shop & sales person
    • The sale is finalized much faster
    • They don’t lose customers
    • They can differentiate themselves from the competition
    • They directly cash the money from the loaning company
    • They can rely on a fully paperless flow
  • Customer
    • He can leave the shop with the desired goods almost immediately
    • He doesn’t need to return to the shop to finalize finance agreements

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