In the physical world, a signature at the bottom of a document is usually preceded with the date at which the signing took place. Knowing the starting date when an agreement takes effect is an essential piece of information in event of a legal dispute. In the digital world, time is also important from another point of view: to verify the validity of a signature. It is not enough to be able to verify the validity of a certificate, you also have to know if the signing certificate was valid at the exact time of the signature.

Rely on a verifiable time source

The process of adding date and time to an electronic signature in a digital way is known as timestamping. However, not all timestamping tools are equivalent as the most common time sources (e.g. computer time) can easily be manipulated or tampered with.
Therefore, it is essential to be able to rely on a trusted time source. As a QTSP, ZetesConfidens acts as a trusted third party (Timestamping authority or TSA) and offers this guarantee. Relying on specific hardware and protocols, eaZyTime connects on an auditable UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) source to apply the timestamps.

Timestamps verify in an irrefutable way the moment when a signature was placed on a document and therefore reinforce the integrity of that document. By adding timestamps to electronic signatures, you can track any alteration to a document that is made after the signature. Only changes that took place before the document was electronically signed have a legal validity.

Guaranteed data integrity

Features & benefits

⦁    SaaS model
⦁    RFC 3161 trusted timestamps
⦁    Verifiable time source
⦁    OS (Windows, Mac OSX, iOS, Android) and hardware-agnostic (pc, tablet, phone)
⦁    Scalable solution

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