Unlocking the potential of remote digital signature: ZetesConfidens joins the Cloud Signature Consortium



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ZetesConfidens provides digital trust services for Belgium’s Digital COVID Certificates


Brussels, June 25th 2021 – ZetesConfidens, Zetes’ business unit dedicated to the securisation of digital transactions, has been selected by the Belgian Authorities to prov

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The rise of mobile identity


Virtual and mobile identification technologies are poised to replace physical methods. Public authorities who have a clear digitalisation strategy will certainly reap the benefits.

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3 reasons why your Timestamps should be Qualified in 2020


Business is more digital than ever. There is a good chance that you work in a sector that regularly conducts elect

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Digital signatures are more necessary than ever



In these abnormal times when our familiar ways of living and working have been turned upside down by a pandemic, digital methods are more than ever the new normal.

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Zetes Confidens is the first Belgian qualified provider of time stamp services


A digital signature proves who signed a file or a document. A time stamp proves when it was signed.

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Digital server signing offers major benefits for sales agreements


Increase conversions and convenience, decrease lead time. Get better results.

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Paperless transactions: How to get the best from the EU regulation


Enable paperless transactions across borders. With the highest level of trust and security.

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Helping Deutsche Bank Belgium improve customer service through electronic signature technology


Easily comply with KYC and AML requirements with ZetesConfidens registration and authentication solutions.

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The Belgian eID: Zetes has been chosen to continue producing and personalising these cards and will now be in charge of issuing authentication and signature certificates


Most secure, state-of-the-art electronic documents: ZetesConfidens issues authentication and signature certificates for the Belgian eID.

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