Deutsche Bank Bélgica mejora el servicio al cliente con la tecnología de firma electrónica

Helping Deutsche Bank Belgium improve customer service through electronic signature technology


Easily comply with KYC and AML requirements with ZetesConfidens registration and authentication solutions.

As an important player in the banking industry landscape, Deutsche Bank is always looking to offer its customers better experience, not only through its office and branch network, but also online. One way is to continue to optimise its business procedures, including being able to offer bank transactions 24/7. ZetesConfidens is supporting these developments in several ways – especially by helping the bank introduce advanced, yet user-friendly, e-signature processes through its eaZySign platform.


Because every Belgian has an electronic identity card (eID), Belgium seemed the ideal location for the bank to improve the processes requiring better customer identification, or KYC – Know Your Customer. In particular, some situations require legal endorsement of documents or transactions. For these, Deutsche Bank is working with ZetesConfidens to use its eaZySign platform where customers can sign a document electronically using their eID card.


How eaZySign makes digital signing simple

ZetesConfidens’ eaZySign online platform works with all common operating systems and browsers, and is intuitive and straightforward to use. So, as well as the obvious cost savings in paper and mailing, eaZySign electronic signing also reduces operational and administration costs. Most importantly, for businesses like Deutsche Bank, it results in faster, more efficient, account processing – and happier customers.


Building eaZySign into Deutsche Bank’s customer service

Deutsche Bank uses ZetesConfidens’ registration services to make registering online simple for its new customers. It now takes just minutes for Belgian customers to open an account securely and legally with Deutsche Bank, with everything done online.

Through this registration and authentification solution, customers can use their eID card to identify and authenticate themselves effectively. After that, the contractual agreement for opening an account is drawn up, which is visualised and signed using eaZySign. The signatures created on the eaZySign platform meet the most stringent legal requirements (eIDAS 910/14), and hold the same legal value as a written signature.

Deutsche Bank also makes good use of ZetesConfidens’ authentification services in other ways, such as reading and authenticating its customers’ eID data while managing its Anti Money-Laundering due diligence. With these services, the bank can guarantee a valid identity document – a data check every bank must legally make.


Support as well as reassurance

It’s not just the security guarantees and optimised process that make the choice of ZetesConfidens a winner for Deutsche Bank. It’s also the broad technical support the company offers the bank and its customers. eaZySign, as well as the authentication solution, also supports business environments that operate under Citrix or Terminal Services. Using the same platform, the bank receives support both for the business environment and for portal environments.


More about ZetesConfidens

ZetesConfidens takes care of every step of the e-signing process while offering the possibility to integrate, mix and use a wide variety of different authentication mechanisms (professional apps, eID schemes, customer KYC, the Zetes own vetting & enrolment solution) and certificate carriers like national eID cards or Zetes provisioned certificates stored on a HSM.


The company is a Qualified Trust Services Provider as defined by the European eIDAS regulation, which means all the trust services it provides (such as electronic signature, seal, time-stamp and registered delivery) are in line with the requirements of eIDAS 910/14. Also, with more than 20 offices in 16 EU countries, ZetesConfidens supports businesses that need to operate across borders, overcoming the barriers of language and national ID schemes to interact at EU level.


As an operational business unit within the People ID division of Zetes, ZetesConfidens is a stable partner, guaranteed by financial strength and long experience. Zetes has been active in the goods and people identification markets for over 30 years. In 2017, it was acquired by the Panasonic group, benefiting from the structure of an international giant in furthering its highly innovative approach to developing products and services. As such, in a market dominated by new and local players, ZetesConfidens offers all the necessary guarantees for financial health and long-term stability – two essential features when offering trust services.



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