Insurance companies often need to leave their offices to obtain photographic evidence, which is taken with the aim of verifying the condition of a house or a car, for instance. These images can serve as evidence in the event of a dispute and therefore need to be approved by the contracting party. When equipped with a complete e-signature solution, the representatives of the insurance company can have these documents directly signed on the premises.

Server signing for secure e-signature on premises

Through the emission of a short-lived signing certificate and the use of server signing, individuals can easily be registered and provided with a certificate that will serve the single purpose of countersigning the evidence or other documents that are presented to them. There is no need for the company to implement and operate a PKI infrastructure, which requires extensive resources and the hiring of skilled staff that are scarce. Instead, ZetesConfidens offers the emission of certificates by a Qualified Trust Services Provider as a PaaS model through its eaZyPKI solution.

Thanks to the eaZySign platform, documents are easily managed online through the whole e-signing process. Equipped with a tablet, insurance representatives can easily take pictures and add them to claim files. Upon returning to the office, there is no additional paperwork to complete and no further errors or delays.

Online uploading, sharing and e-signature of visual proof

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