Banks are offering a growing number of services online, allowing them to be available 24/7 without customers needing to leave their homes. However, a number of transactions still require a person to be seen face to face. Thanks to eIDAS and the use of Qualified Electronic Signatures, having to go to the bank in person for anything will soon be a thing of the past!

Opening of a bank account

Today when opening a bank account, an individual still needs to visit the bank in person to make himself known. However, technologies already exist to enable an online registration, be it through an eID or webcam, while being fully secure and aligned with eIDAS recommendations. Remote registration makes it possible to go through the whole process remotely, in the comfort of one’s home.

Once a person is registered with a bank for the opening of an account, the bank can emit a signing certificate for him, which is valid for a few years and with which it can approve a number of transactions online. Dealing with the bank becomes much easier - there’s no need to use up any more personal time for appointments. These transactions include:

  • The approval of financial transactions for daily banking

  • The signing of additional financial services:
    • Investment plans
    • Loan contracts
    • Mortgages
  • The signing and approval of additional banking operations:
    • Account manipulation

Account linked signing certificates

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