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Zetes Confidens is the first Belgian qualified provider of time stamp services



Brussels, 22nd of October 2019 – Zetes Confidens, the qualified provider of trust services for electronic signatures, is now also officially accredited for the provision of time stamp services. A time stamp irrefutably verifies the time when an electronic signature is placed on a file or a document. 


Since the introduction of the European eIDAS regulation in 2016, companies that offer trust services must undergo an extensive audit. This a prerequisite for designating themselves as a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP). “The new accreditation makes us the first Belgian provider that can offer qualified time stamp services in the European market”, says Geert Peeters, Head of Business Development & Innovation in the People ID Divison of Zetes.

“A digital signature proves who signed a file or a document. A time stamp proves when it was signed”, says Peeters. Placing a time stamp adds digital date and time information to an electronic signature. This allows tracing of any changes made after the time of the signature. All changes made before the electronic signature are effectively legally valid.


Guaranteed trustworthy
Time stamps irrefutably verify the time when an electronic signature is placed on a file or a document. They thus strengthen the integrity of the signed document. However, not all tools for placing time stamps are equally trustworthy. Most common time sources, such as the system time of a computer, can easily be manipulated.

This is why it is important to be able to rely on a guaranteed trustworthy time source. “Thanks to the new accreditation, we can now also offer this important guarantee to our customers”, concludes Peeters. 


Time stamp authority
Customers can count on Zetes Confidens for qualified time stamp services. This division of Zetes set up in 2018 focuses specifically on trust services for electronic signatures, compliant with the eIDAS regulation of the European Union. This division is now also acting as a time stamp authority (TSA): a trusted third party (TTP) for placing time stamps. Companies that procure time stamp services from Zetes Confidens do so on the basis of a group of time stamps that are usable within a specific time period.


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About Zetes Confidens
Zetes Confidens is a division of Zetes that provides trust services for electronic signatures in compliance with the eIDAS regulation of the European Union. The offered services fulfil all needs in the area of electronic signatures, from registration to the actual signatures, including the issuing of certificates, the production of smart cards containing the certificates, time stamp services, and a platform for the online signing and exchange of documents. The eaZy solutions from Zetes Confidens (eaZyCert, eaZySign, eaZySeal, eaZyTime and eaZyID) ensure simple and practical execution of the required processes for trustworthy, legally binding signatures.

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