Zetes launches ZetesConfidens, providing trust services for electronic signatures

Zetes launches ZetesConfidens, providing trust services for electronic signatures


Enabling the European Digital Single Market: ZetesConfidens offers managed PKI, eSignature, eSeals, eTimestamps and SmartCard solutions with qualified digital certificates.

Brussels, 27 September 2018: Zetes announces the creation of a new division linked to its PeopleID activity: ZetesConfidens. It offers trust services related to electronic signatures. Its offering covers all e-signature needs, from registration to the signature itself, and including the issuing of certificates, production of smart cards carrying certificates, a platform for online signing and sharing of documents, and time stamping services.


Compliant with the eIDAS regulation

The European eIDAS regulation has been in force since 1 July 2016. Its purpose is to harmonise the standards applicable to electronic signatures across all EU countries in order to rationalise their use. Since then, companies offering this type of services must submit to an audit to become a Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP).

Zetes has become involved in this procedure by creating ZetesConfidens for electronic signatures, electronic seals (person acting on behalf of a company or other entity with a legal personality), certificate issuing services and time stamp services. But this is not all that ZetesConfidens offers. Its portfolio is built around the following solutions:

  • eaZyCert: Managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certificates issuance
  • eaZyTime: time stamp services
  • eaZySign: online platform for the downloading, storage, sharing, and electronic signing of documents
  • eaZySeal: has the same functionality as eaZySign, but dedicated to the use of electronic seals
  • eaZyID: connector giving a web application easy access to the information stored on an identifier (smart card, etc.)

The smart card production capabilities of ZetesCards round off this offering, because smart cards are still often used to store authentication and signature certificates.


A new market to conquer

On the one hand, ZetesConfidens strengthens the People ID offering from Zetes; particularly by making it possible to supplement national identity documents with qualified certificates. On the other hand, ZetesConfidens allows the company to address a completely new market: companies that wish to dematerialise their administrative processes and take advantage of the convenience afforded by the harmonisation of the electronic signature in digital transactions. This especially applies to banks, insurance companies, financial services, and rental sectors. By using electronic signatures, they can optimise their digital document flows.


Recognised partners

In order to offer top-quality solutions, Zetes uses technologies by well-known and experienced players in the market. EJBCA by PrimeKey was chosen for the managed PKI infrastructure used to issue certificates. Magnus Svenningson from PrimeKey says: " The scalability and reliability of PrimeKey’s PKI product EJBCA Enterprise has already been proven in dozens of eID and passport projects in Europe and worldwide. We are delighted about this partnership with Zetes, which opens up a new and competent channel, with a focused offering, to the market.” Remote signing is based on the expertise of Cryptomathic, a specialist with over 30 years' experience in encryption-based security solutions. Remote signing lets you create electronic signature certificates without the signatory needing a physical medium (e.g. smart card). As Guillaume Forget from Cryptomathic explains, "In particular, this type of electronic signing allows short-term signature certificates to be issued, often for a single-use purpose, for example when signing a rental contract or credit agreement, where a high assurance level is required. Our solution guarantees the highest possible levels of security based on a robust design that provides a sole-control channel for the signatories and delivers non-repudiation through a set of audited checks and processes."


A complete and coherent offering for governments and private companies

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes, says: "This addition to our offering is a natural extension of our electronic identity document delivery activity. During the personalisation stage, authentication and signature certificates are created, which allow citizens to use their identity cards for many online transactions. Now that we are able to issue these certificates ourselves, we cover the entire production process for this type of document. But it's not only governments that could offer these electronic signing facilities; companies are also very keen to acquire this capability. We already covered some of their needs with the eaZySign platform. This platform was therefore integrated into ZetesConfidens which, in combination with all the other solutions, forms a complete and coherent offering for the private sector too. "


Find out more on our website: confidens.zetes.com




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About Zetes

Zetes is a cutting-edge high-tech company specialising in Supply Chain and People ID optimisation solutions. Our Supply Chain solutions supply chain solutions give companies the benefit of unprecedented agility, visibility, and traceability throughout their connected supply chain. Our People ID division gives government authorities and supranational institutions solutions to authenticate citizens in the context of providing secure ID and travel documents and creating national registers or voter lists.

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About ZetesConfidens

ZetesConfidens is the division of Zetes that offers trust services for electronic signing in accordance with the European Union's eIDAS regulation. Its offering covers all e-signature needs, from registration to the signature itself, and including the issuing of certificates, production of smart cards containing certificates, a platform for online signing and sharing of documents, and time stamping services. The eaZy range of solutions from ZetesConfidens (eaZyCert, eaZySign, eaZySeal, eaZyTime and eaZyID) guarantees the easy and practical application of the processes that result in a reliable, legally binding signature.

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